The Band


Marian has sung with several bands since she was only 14 years old and in 2007 – 2008 sung at a hotel in Seoul Korea and then on a cruise ship with Celebrity Cruises. Has moved to Denmark in 2009.


At an early age of 11, Marie has started showing her interest in singing and performed in some school events and joined some singing competitions. She was inspired by one of her uncle who was a drummer in a band way back then. She then joined her first band called ” The Flash Band” with another uncle when she was 17 years old. With the same band, she played at local bars & restaurants and larger hotels in the Philippines.  then later in different hotels in China such as The Palace Hotel (1991)in Beijing, Sheraton Hotels (1992) both in Xian and Shanghai, China Hotel (1993) in GuangZhou. She then started joining other bands and performed at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Tianjin,  both Holiday Inn and GITIC Hotel in Guangzhou and Forum Hotel in ShenZhen – 1994 to 1996. She moved to Denmark in 1998 and played in several bands in Denmark and now joined Da-NOIZE since 2015.

Bass & Vocal

Rose’s musical journey begun at home. She was born in Davao, Philippines.  With the help of her father as her personal teacher, she developed her musical tastes and interests. And it wasn’t long after, she also starts picking up a bass guitar and learn how to play it at an early age.  

Each member of her family is a musician. In her age of 17 yrs., she has started playing in a band called Ovada Band  with her sister and brothers in Japan in 1985. Their band played as a house band in Allson Hotel in Singapore and Riviera Beach Hotel in Malaysia in 1986-1999. Rose and the rest of Ovada Band had played with “The Platters” in Malaysia in 1991. Still with the same band Ovada Band, they also played in different places in Thailand from 2000 -2004. They were playing in a concert together with Johnny Logan in Thailand in 2003. She moved to Denmark since 2005 and Ovada Band still presently performing in Thailand.

Drummer & Vocal

Alice is a self-taught drummer and has played in the band “Limited edition” in the Philippines and “Isla band” in Denmark. She has also been the manager and agent of several bands in the Philippines and had her own studio.
Alice moved to Denmark in 1999 and helped start Da-NOIZE.

Guitar/Keyboard & Vocal

Abraham is 22 years old, born in Quezon city, Philippines. A very talented young man. He and his family all showed interest in music. He was self taught with guitar, keyboard, bass, backup vocals and music production in his lifetime. Just moved to Sweden January 2019 with his father Gaddi Alberto.

Guitar & Vocal

Gaddi is a multi-instrumentalist with guitar as main instrument. During the course of his career, he had the opportunity to be associated with multiple talents in the music industry. He was lucky to have played with John Blackwell jr., the drummer of “Prince” on tour for 10 years. Ameera Dillon, one of Lady Gaga’s back up singer when touring. The amazing Meachie Day, James Brown’s “student” Carlton J. Smith, who’s currently touring Europe at the time of this writing, and many more. Being a member of an international house band, “Brown Sugar All Stars” band in Shanghai for years, he learned valuable knowledge by working 6 nights a week with artists from Las Vegas, musician-producers, as well as producing his own music.